My New Home Is a Barn

It’s been three weeks since I’ve moved to D Acres. This weekend I’m back in Harvard, visiting Faye and the dogs. I find some things to be strange. Like packaging on foods. It doesn’t just get pulled, or cut from the ground. And trash. I make a lot more of it. I was trying to figure out what I could do with my yogurt cup instead of throwing it away. I decided to wash it out and save it as a scoop. And then I was looking for a compost bucket to dump my coffee grinds into. I find myself scanning the ground outside, trying to identify plants. I’m constantly following Faye around the house, turning off lights.

D Acres has already had a profound effect on me.  I’ve been thinking about the way that I use things and where my food comes from (hint: “the grocery store” is not the right answer). I’ve been questioning my own, as well as other’s pursuits and motivations in life. It doesn’t seem right that someone buys a hundred thousand dollar horse, when there are people who can’t feed their families. What I’ve found is that I don’t need much to be happy. I have a sense of accomplishment and contentment from a hard day’s worth of work and then eating a meal prepared with food grown right there on the property. I enjoy learning from and conversing with the people around me. Or heading off to the super secret swimming hole for a dip.

I’ve had some amazing experiences in the past three weeks. I’ve gone to a sci-fi puppet show. I’ve built a solar shower and an outhouse. I’ve planted more seeds in an afternoon than I had in a lifetime. I’ve been there while eighteen piglets were born, and then when one pig was slaughtered. I’ve met Peter Schumann, the mind behind Bread and Puppet, and he’s given us a private tour of their museum. The sense of community I’ve witnessed, the friends I’ve made, and their willingness to always lend a hand and help one another has been astounding. This experience has instilled a new energy in me, and it’s only just begun…


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  1. I love dacres. I first went their for a 8wk. work shop.and boy it did change my way of thinking of how we can live off the land and how good the food tasted.
    I have been to 2 reiki shares. and will be their again in june for the 3rd. one. I have lots of peace my brother passed away last year and I live on a busy street where there is alot of traffic all day dacres it is so peaceful and no cars.
    I just you would like to know what a great time I had there!!and maybe hope to meet you two some day.
    have fun!!!! ann~

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