Superman Does Good. You’re Doing Well

As many of you know I can be prone to gloomy moments. That might be putting it lightly. There are those rare days when I hardly leave bed. But I’m working on this. Over the past week or so I’ve come to some realizations, with the help of friends, that have been helping me avoid such gloomy moments. One of the first things I’ve realized is that right now I’m pretty aimless. I haven’t been climbing much because most of my partners have moved on, or are too busy with school and work. I’m not working at the moment. Basically I’m purposeless. And I started thinking about how most people never make a difference, myself included. I know this isn’t completely true. We (hopefully) make a difference in people’s lives every day. We make them happy, give them advice, inspire them, and so on. But I wanted to do more than that, I wanted to do good.

If you don’t remember my post about what I want to be When I Grow Up, I’ll refresh your memory. I want to own some land, build a modest house, grow my own food, make furniture, and allow climbers to camp there cheaply. And I may have an effect on people, but I wouldn’t necessarily be “doing good.” I’ve decided that I’d also like to add a farm animal sanctuary to that list. I would take in farm animals that would be “past their usefulness,” or that I was able to rescue from slaughter, and allow them to live out the rest of their natural lives. This will probably be the most ambitious part of my plan, and I won’t be able to do it alone, but I’m confident that I will do it, and have those around me help and support my good deeds.

Some of the other things I’m working on are letting go of control in certain situations. Also, to be happier when I’m by myself. Too often I rely on others to help dictate my mood.

So what else has been going on with me, you might ask? Towards the end of April, climbing and I got in a fight. There was one week where I threw a wobbler (read: temper tantrum) every day that I climbed. Literally every day. I would pout, yell, swear, and at one point I threw my shoes into the woods. I was hoping that I wouldn’t find them, and that way I would have an excuse not to climb any more that day. At the time, everyone I was climbing with was much better than me. They would cruise a route, and then I would hang all over it. It also didn’t help that we were mostly climbing at Deep Creek, where the warmup on the Main wall is 11a. My limit is about 11b/c, which makes 11a a very difficult warmup for me.

Kristin and Nali after the M83 show

So climbing and I decided to take a break. I thought it would also be nice to get out of Chattanooga for a change of scenery. I decided to visit Atlanta. And no, not to see “Sara.” I had been on a couple of occasions, but never to actually see any of the city. I met a couple of great people who I explored the city with, one of them being Kristin, from Will Travel For Vegan Food. Kristin is crisscrossing the country, eating at every vegan restaurant in the U.S. She’s been on the road for about six months so far, and I find her story really fun and inspirational. The post about her dance a day project had me smiling from beginning to end and I wrote her an email to let her know. We’ve been staying in touch, and we just so happened to be in Atlanta at the same time. We ate at a handful of vegan restaurants together, including Love’n It Live, which was probably my favorite. It was an all raw vegan food restaurant, with delicious food and a server who was just brimming with positive energy. I won’t get into too much detail about the meal, however, since Kristin’s the food critic and you’ll have to wait for her review. We also went to go see M83 while I was in town, who was just amazing. Anyway, Kristin was a very sweet and amazing person with a ton of great energy. Go check out her blog, and follow her along in her travels.

Also while in Atlanta, I went to game five of the Celtics/Hawks series with my friend Lindsey. Unfortunately the Celtics lost, but we had a fun time anyway. My friend Alex showed me around town one day, and we went to the botanical gardens which were beautiful. I spent a day by myself at Piedmont Park, which was probably the nicest and biggest park I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately some “fun-sucking” park ranger made me take down my hammock which I was reading in. I also went to the High Museum and saw some beautiful artwork. They had displayed artists from Warhol, to Picasso, to Matisse, to KAWS, amongst many others. Alex joined me in Chattanooga one day as well, where we did the tourist thing and visited Ruby Falls, Rock City, and took a ride up the Incline Railway. Be sure to see the rest of the pictures below in the gallery.

Lastly, for anyone who doesn’t know yet, the next step in my plan is coming to fruition. I was offered an apprenticeship with Art Kieres in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ll be moving there in mid-August after my father’s wedding and I’m really excited about it. I’ll be spending almost a month in New England  during July, with a stint in Montreal to visit everyone. I miss you all and look forward to seeing you soon! Let me know what good you’re doing, and how you’re impacting those around you.


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  1. Great blog Eric! I know that you are going to help and make a difference in others lives no matter what path you choose, because you have the insight and the heart to even care to do so. Which in itself is such a wonderful blessing that so many lack in this me me me society we live in.

  2. 🙂 Lurve. Can’t wait to send you on your way to Utahhh complete with your travelers creates memory box. That’s what I decided it’s called. Although, that might change. Yeah, think it just did, due to the number of tense conflicts. Follow up with that one later.

  3. Umm, you lost me a bit there haha.

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