Leaving Chattanooga

The last two months in Chattanooga were difficult for me. It was too hot to climb, and most of my climbing partners had already moved on.  Those who hadn’t were busy with school, or work, or both. And mentally I was preparing for my move across the country. Physically, I waited until the last possible moment to sell my things and pack.. There was a lot of running around as well, seeing people for what will hopefully not be the last time.  I met quite a few amazing people in and around Chattanooga who will continue to have a profound effect on my life, and that I miss every day.

As hard as the last two months in Chattanooga were for me, the drive back to Rhode Island was amazing. I stopped in the Red River Gorge to climb with my friend Lila. We had a great day climbing in the Shire, until a storm rolled through and scared the shit out of me while I was up on the wall. I didn’t climb anything too hard while I was there, but I did send a climb I had previously been unable to climb cleanly this past fall.  I spent the night at Miquel’s, where I ran into my friend Erika. She convinced me to climb another day. As the temps were beautiful and I was happy to be back there, she didn’t have to twist my arm too much. I was somewhat surprised I didn’t see more people who I knew from last fall, but I made some new friends and climbed with one of them the next day. Again, I had a mellow day, but it was a blast to be in Kentucky again and climbing.

Lila and Nali at the Red

I made another stop on my way back to Rhode Island in Hanover, Pennsylvania. There isn’t much in Hanover worth note, except for pretzel factories and my amazing friends Patrick and Katy. I met Patrick and Katy at Little Rock City in Chattanooga one day through my friend Stella. I’m not sure what it was, but I felt an immediate connection to the two of them. We stayed in touch on Facebook and I saw that my trip home would bring me pretty close to them. So I asked if I could crash there a night to see them and break up my trip home.  We had so much fun that I ended up staying there for three nights. We ate at Roburritos multiple times, went bowling, to the movies, climbing at Earth Trex gym in Maryland, and lots of other fun stuff! It was just like we were old friends.

Katy savoring a tasty vegan burrito at Rob's

Eventually I did have to leave, and I finished the trip back home to my dad’s house in lil’ Rhodey. But I had more travelling and catching up with friends to do in New England. Those tales will have to wait for the next entry, however…


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