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Leaving Chattanooga

The last two months in Chattanooga were difficult for me. It was too hot to climb, and most of my climbing partners had already moved on.  Those who hadn’t were busy with school, or work, or both. And mentally I was preparing for my move across the country. Physically, I waited until the last possible moment to sell my things and pack.. There was a lot of running around as well, seeing people for what will hopefully not be the last time.  I met quite a few amazing people in and around Chattanooga who will continue to have a profound effect on my life, and that I miss every day. Read the rest of this entry


Superman Does Good. You’re Doing Well

As many of you know I can be prone to gloomy moments. That might be putting it lightly. There are those rare days when I hardly leave bed. But I’m working on this. Over the past week or so I’ve come to some realizations, with the help of friends, that have been helping me avoid such gloomy moments. One of the first things I’ve realized is that right now I’m pretty aimless. I haven’t been climbing much because most of my partners have moved on, or are too busy with school and work. I’m not working at the moment. Basically I’m purposeless. And I started thinking about how most people never make a difference, myself included. I know this isn’t completely true. We (hopefully) make a difference in people’s lives every day. We make them happy, give them advice, inspire them, and so on. But I wanted to do more than that, I wanted to do good. Read the rest of this entry