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Life vs. Bipolar II

The past two days have been beautiful here in Chattanooga. Temperatures have been hovering around sixty degrees, with bright sunny skies. But I haven’t been able to enjoy any of it. I’ve been suffering from bipolar type II for a long time. Probably since high school. I wasn’t diagnosed with it, however, until about three years ago. Read the rest of this entry


Boredom, Depression, Kentucky, and Tennessee

We’ve been back from Kentucky for a little over four weeks now. And I can’t wait to leave again. I’m not really big on holidays, but Faye loves them. She wanted to be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but driving up and down the country two different times in a month didn’t make much sense to either of us. So the consensus was that we stay home for a while. And by home, I mean with Faye’s parents. Read the rest of this entry


What makes for a good rock climbing route? When I first started climbing, I just assumed that all routes were created equal, separated only by difficulty. I ignored star ratings in the guidebooks, and just climbed everything at my level. But as my climbing palette has become refined, I’ve realized that there are stark differences in just how enjoyable a particular route is. Read the rest of this entry


Faye and I left yesterday to begin our drive to West Virginia. After getting a haircut, visiting a friend, and a couple of other distractions, we were on our way. When we arrived at a toll booth in New Jersey, I paid with a ten-dollar bill and some change, which included some pennies. The toll operator simply looked down at her hand, and said only, “Pennies.” At this point my initial reaction was to say something along the lines of, “Yeah, last time I checked they were still legal tender.” But instead it made me think quickly about two different discussions I’ve had with different people. Read the rest of this entry

Climbing Etiquette and French Canadians

I headed up to Rumney for a couple of days to get some climbing in. Faye and I got there Saturday night and started fairly early on Sunday morning. We figured we’d hike most of the way up, and hit Jimmy Cliff. Our reasoning was that the further we went, the less likely it was that other people would be there. Apparently everyone had the same exact idea. When we got to Jimmy Cliff the left end was pretty busy, so we started at the right end Read the rest of this entry

Road trip to the Red

Faye and I returned this past Sunday from our road trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. It gave us our first taste of what life on the road is going to be like. We made the drive down with our friends Tim and Ashley, and it took us about sixteen hours overnight. When we pulled into Miguel’s at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon we were all zombies. Read the rest of this entry

On the road

In July my girlfriend and I will be quitting our jobs, packing everything we need into a truck, and heading out on the road. My family keeps asking me, “What’s your plan? Where are you going to live? What will you do for work?” The simple answer to all of it is, “I don’t know.”  But I guess that’s not entirely true. Read the rest of this entry